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In May, I will be at SQLintersection at the Disney World Swan in Orlando, Florida.

You can visit the site to see the full lineup of sessions and workshops. I’m going to be presenting three sessions on SQL Server topics and 1 Workshop on PowerShell in SQL:

Have you ever wanted to know what the data looked like yesterday before a change was made? Have you cringed at the thought of creating triggers to get data changes logged for later analysis? Looking at a new feature in SQL 2016 called Temporal Tables gives you the ability to create a table that automatically keeps track of your data in time. Magic was never meant to be part of IT, but SQL Server has done a great job with this new feature. We will cover how to set it up, how it works, querying the tables including the history table and last but not least, how you can incorporate this feature into existing tables. Join me in a time travelling adventure to find out how you can leverage Temporal Tables in your world.

This session will cover real world functions that are used for real interaction with SQL Server. There will be a few slides but mostly demos with actual scripts that interact with SQL Server for management and getting data in and out. I will also introduce some outside modules created to assist as well. Things like Reading/Changing the following: Permissions, DB Owner maintenance and database space management. We all could use a few standard things in the SQL Server world of ever changing roles and “I have to have it now” stuff, that Management Studio can get in the way of getting it done faster. Join me for a fun PowerShell hour and never try to reuse a click again.

SMO, short for Shared Management Objects (or SQL Management Objects to some), are some powerful programming interfaces to get and manipulate SQL Server in code. These objects are used in custom programs, in scripting with PowerShell and can be used to fully manage a SQL Server. But what do you really do with them? How do you use them? This session will cover some core objects that are used in every day interaction with SQL Server. I will cover how to get access to them, how to use them and best of all you will get to know these mysterious objects

WORKSHOP ON Saturday, May 20, 2017

PowerShell for the DBA from 0-60 in a Day
Think of how many servers or instances you maintain. Putting tools in your toolbox becomes a critical part of your life as a DBA. How many clicks can be reused? We will be taking you from 0–60 and everywhere in between with how PowerShell fits into a DBA’s day in the life. We will go from getting PowerShell connected to SQL Server to walking away with a toolbox starter kit that will help you get automated and allow you to focus on harder problems than modifying database options or getting information from SQL Server and storing it away for later analysis. The toolbox alone will make it well worth your attendance.

Join me in the quest to become a PowerShell DBA.

Hope to see you there!

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