PASS Data Community Summit Presentations part 2

To all who came to my PASS Summit sessions and those that gave feedback about my presentations, I say Thank You!

I read the feedback and understand the comments made. Based on the feedback I am adding a Part 2 for both presentations. Add PowerShell to your DBA Toolbox! and SQL Server 2022 Contained Availability Groups. I am going to be completing the presentations on on November 27th at 3:00 PM MDT.

The presentations are linked here.

I will be covering a more deep level of PowerShell for DBAs to complete the more basic side of PowerShell that I presented. If you have any questions that are related please post them to so that I can address them as part of the broadcast. I would love it if you wanted to attend live to ask the questions in the chat window.

As I said before, I thank you all for your feedback and your attendance and this is why feedback is so important. None of it was brutal but sincere and to the point. I appreciate the opportunity to resolve feedback that I received. I hope to see you there.

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