PowerShell for DBAs Office Hours

To celebrate PowerShell month with Brent Ozar (b | i ) and his free PowerShell class, I am hosting Office Hours on Twitch.tv and the questions that I will be answering are those posted by you on the Pollgab/dbaduck site. This is my pollgab room that you can add questions to and upvote them for me to answer. I may be doing more than just speaking the answers, I am going to be trying to show them in PowerShell as well if they are able to be shown.

Event Information

Monday, March 6th at 8:00 AM Mountain Time (click the link for your time)

I am excited to get this started, so I hope you will join me for the first of my Office Hours.

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  1. Pam Mooney

    I just now saw this! Will this footage be posted, and will they be done on a regular schedule?

    1. dbaduck

      Yes, I will post it on my youtube channel at https://youtube.com/dbaduck and it will be on twitch.tv/dbaduck as well. Currently they are scheduled to be every Monday so far.

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