PASS Board Elections, Why am I running?

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Hey all you SQL PASS people in the #SQLFamily. I am a little late to the game, but wanted to ensure while the voting is active now, that you had why I am running.

In this vast connected world of technology there are so many SQL People I don’t even know if I venture to guess how many there are. My experience has been that PASS has been an organization that has done a lot of good for their members. The problem I have that I want to attempt to address is why the many people who are members don’t really know what that means or don’t understand what they are a part of. I really want to help people connect and to take advantage of all the benefits and connection opportunities that they have inside an organization of this size. PASS is not just a SQL Saturday and a PASS Summit organization. Funding is important to run, but the communities should be fueled by the organization and the sponsors should fuel the organization. As members we should be concerned about supporting the organization by actively participating in all the aspects of PASS, not just taking advantage of the free events like SQL Saturdays.

Now before I get strung up, I want to clarify what taking advantage of what PASS offers means. When you as a member starts out, there is a period of time that you get fed, everything you want, everything you can handle. But after a while, there is a time to give back and that is the eco-system in which we “Should” live in with PASS. I have been a member of PASS for a long time and I have been a Chapter leader for a long time, but I realized during the interview of Board Candidates, that I had not given back enough. Sure I speak at a lot of SQL Saturdays, and at events around the country and in my home state. But I have not volunteered in the PASS organization at all and I really need to give back.

Giving back and connecting our #SQLFamily is why I am running after all. The stuff above is the path that took me to submitting my application. I support all the other candidates and think that the slate this year is amazing and you cannot go wrong. PLEASE VOTE, it is part of volunteering and supporting the organization that we belong to. Get out there (online) and cast your vote and make this election the one with the most participation.

Happy Voting.
PASS Candidates 2016

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