Join me at SQL Intersections for a great lineup this year!

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In April, I will be at SQLintersection at the Walt Disney World Swan in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

This year, you can save $50 on attending by using my last name (MILLER) as the promo code, AND if you register by January 31st, you may be eligible for free hardware as well – a Microsoft Band 2, a Surface 3, or an XBox One.

You can visit the site to see the full lineup of sessions and workshops. I’m going to be presenting two 200-level sessions on PowerShell and Encryption and a Workshop on PowerShell:

SQL Server Encryption
Have you ever wanted to know how Transparent Database Encryption (TDE) works or how you set it up? What about encrypting your backups? This session will go over all the steps and caveats that go with this technology. TDE allows you to have your database encrypted on disk and the same Encryption Hierarchy allows you to back up your database and have it encrypt the contents in the backup file. We will discuss the Encryption Hierarchy which is used for encryption in SQL Server and take you through keeping your secrets safe. Master the concepts of SQL Server Encryption when you are done with this session.

SMO Internals for High Performance Automation using PowerShell
In today’s fast paced world, automation is becoming a necessity and not a luxury. PowerShell is a powerful tool that allows you to leverage Windows objects and coupled with SMO you have the power to connect to SQL Server objects. This is all great, but not understanding how SMO works, you could find that your automations are not as fast as you would hope, when accessing SQL Server. This session will take you beneath the surface and demonstrate the secret sauce that will help you get the most out of your SQL Server automation scripts and have them perform. Understanding is the key here and we will get you there in this session. Let’s take your automation to infinity and beyond.


PowerShell for the DBA from 0-60 in a Day
Think of how many servers or instances you maintain. Putting tools in your toolbox becomes a critical part of your life as a DBA. How many clicks can be reused? We will be taking you from 0–60 and everywhere in between with how PowerShell fits into a DBA’s day in the life. We will go from getting PowerShell connected to SQL Server to walking away with a toolbox starter kit that will help you get automated and allow you to focus on harder problems than modifying database options or getting information from SQL Server and storing it away for later analysis. The toolbox alone will make it well worth your attendance.

Join me in the quest to become a PowerShell DBA.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Marie Carole

    I attended your pre-con on Powershell and your SQL Encryption session. Both were fabulous!

  2. Pavan

    pre-con on Power shell and your SQL Encryption session. I need to attend this session.
    Please give me a suggestion.

  3. pavan

    Do you have any recorded videos for pre-con on Powershell and your SQL Encryption session?

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