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Speaking at SQL Saturday 220 Atlanta #SQLSATATL

Posted over on about my speaking at the SQL Saturday. Hope to see you there.

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T-SQL Tuesday #39: More Efficient SMO with Server.SetDefaultInitFields

 This T-SQL Tuesday is about PowerShell and how I use it with SQL Server. There are many more posts to come about PowerShell and SQL Server but I thought I would cut my teeth on this T-SQL Tuesday since it … Continue reading

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Get SQL Server Service Accounts with WMI

Today I was tasked with retrieving the SQL Server Service accounts to validate them in Active Directory.  I wanted a simple way to get them and show the account names for each SQL Server service.  I knew that you could … Continue reading

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SMO and Index Fragmentation

When working with SMO and Indexes there are times that you want to get the fragmentation of this particular index.  In SMO there is a method on the Index called EnumFragmentation.  When you call this method, there is a bug … Continue reading

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Powershell, SMO and Database Files

In response to some questions about renaming a physical file for a database, I have 2 versions of Powershell scripts that do this for you, including taking the database offline and then online to make the physical change match the … Continue reading

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