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Speaking at SQL Saturday #287 – Madison, WI

I am excited to get on my way to Madison. I will be speaking on TSQL Best Practices.  We have a great lineup and it will be a great time.

Speaking at SQL Saturday 220 Atlanta #SQLSATATL

Posted over on about my speaking at the SQL Saturday. Hope to see you there.

MCM SQL Server 2008 Achieved

Another step in my career as I have passed the Lab Exam and have become an MCM in SQL Server 2008.  I believed I could achieve it after passing my knowledge exam the first time. The first attempt at the lab was back in October and it was disappointing to find out that I didContinue Reading

T-SQL Tuesday #39: More Efficient SMO with Server.SetDefaultInitFields

 This T-SQL Tuesday is about PowerShell and how I use it with SQL Server. There are many more posts to come about PowerShell and SQL Server but I thought I would cut my teeth on this T-SQL Tuesday since it was on PowerShell. If you read Rob Farley’s (b | t) post on the SMOContinue Reading

Log Shipping encounters corrupt log backup

I ran into an issue the other day and wanted to ensure that I shared it out there.  In a Log Shipping scenario, you can occasionally run into a corrupt transaction log backup. This causes the database to stay in restoring mode (as mine was previously in a standby/read-only state for reporting), but requires theContinue Reading

Get SQL Server Service Accounts with WMI

Today I was tasked with retrieving the SQL Server Service accounts to validate them in Active Directory.  I wanted a simple way to get them and show the account names for each SQL Server service.  I knew that you could get the service in PowerShell with Get-Service.  I also new that PowerShell could get theContinue Reading

Opportunity to download Eval of Windows Server 2012

Use this link to download your copy of Windows Server 2012 for evaluation.  I know that I have downloaded and installed it for evaluation. Have fun, it is a great upgrade.  

SMO and Index Fragmentation

When working with SMO and Indexes there are times that you want to get the fragmentation of this particular index.  In SMO there is a method on the Index called EnumFragmentation.  When you call this method, there is a bug in SMO out on Connect (SMO Index Enum Fragmentation…) that you should vote for.  ThisContinue Reading

Networking: What exactly is it, and how do you use it (appropriately)?

I have had the opportunity lately to tap into “Marketing” something to get some traction on a Vote for Me scenario.  It made me wonder about Networking and what it really is and what I would use it for.  There are many spammers and others out there who would just send anything and everything outContinue Reading

Powershell, SMO and Database Files

In response to some questions about renaming a physical file for a database, I have 2 versions of Powershell scripts that do this for you, including taking the database offline and then online to make the physical change match the meta-data. First, there is an article about this at  This explains that you startContinue Reading