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I am currently the¬†Director of Software Administration¬†Nature’s Sunshine Products.¬† I am an MCM: SQL Server 2008 and a SQL Server MVP. Keep an eye out for SQL Server MVPs or any MVP for that matter. I love ‘em all.


  1. Jenny Tan

    Hi Ben,

    I was in SqlSaturday241. Your presentation is so terrific and I fully enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. Could you please email me the demoDB? I want to run the scripts to better understand everything you said.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Robert Burko

    I was at your Be Friendly To Sql Server With TSql Best Practices talk in Madison this weekend. You were talking about implicit data conversions and I asked if there was a script to see where implicit data conversions were taking place in query plan cache. You weren’t aware of any. The guy sitting next to me had just attended Andy Yun’s talk on data types and he told me about this script to find the implicit data conversions in plan cache. Here is it:


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